了解更多关于你的学生会的信息-从如何参与, 你可以加入许多俱乐部和社团

如果你想认识新朋友, 加入180多个学生团体中的一个, or check out what's happening on campus each week — the 学生' Union is the place to go.

Run by students, for students as an independent charity, the mission of the pt视讯厅学生会 (UPSU)将对朴茨茅斯的每一位学生产生积极的影响. The Union is buzzing with young and inspiring people who are improving their skills, 接受新的体验,激励他人参与其中. 

支持你的整个pt视讯厅, the Union gives you access to activities and services that broaden your horizons, 提高你的就业能力,帮助你结交一生的朋友.

即将加入大学? 在到达之前注册UoP社团

走在人群前面——完成 这种形式 and choose which student societies you’d like to join before Freshers’ Fayre, 来自福音唱诗班, 游戏, 啤酒pong.


University of Portsmouth student union volunteer speaking to new students
Up for Uni Residential; June 2019


If you're studying at the University, you're already a member of UPSU, but there's 你能做的更多.


  • 在各级代表的选举中投票
  • Provide feedback and influence key decisions about the direction of your Union
  • Suggest and campaign for improvements to student life and services through the 'Have Your Say' initiative
  • 让你的同学说出你作为一个孩子是如何学习的 课代表 
  • 对你的课程的反馈 启动工具.
  • 为弱势学生发声,成为UPSU的一员 全球少数民族(PGM)大使.
  • 作为学院代表代表学生的学术兴趣
  • 成为一个 当选的官员 and spend a year promoting student rights and leading uni-wide initiatives, 同时还拿着全职工资
  • 在工会做一名临时工, develop real-life work skills and become more employable for when you graduate


有很多 学生团体,内容涵盖体育、文化、政治、游戏、信仰等等. Meet like-minded people and share experiences over a game, a night out or a society-run event. 根据你的兴趣,你可以:

  • Play for one of our 24 体育俱乐部 – just for fun or for British Universities & 大学体育(BUCS)的荣耀
  • Get involved in the annual Fusion Festival run by the Afro-Caribbean Society as part of Black History Month
  • Write for the student magazine or help run a radio show or write for the student-run media collective.
  • Get to know people and cultures across shared backgrounds through groups such as the Korean, 泰米尔或尼日利亚社会
  • 认识一生的朋友,和LGBT+协会一起活动
  • Learn salsa with other beginners and take it to the local Latin club with the Cuban Salsa Society
  • 与烹饪和烘焙协会一起烹饪一场风暴 
  • 与IT协会分享你对计算机的热情
  • Check out Portsmouth's local acts and alternative music with friends at the Rock Society




联合商店 in the reception of the Union Building in Cambridge Road is at the heart of the student community. It's home to all our University of Portsmouth merchandise and a hub for students to make general inquiries.

查看我们的品牌服装和配件系列, 包括t恤, 连帽衫, 毛衣, 校夹克, 马克杯和水瓶. Collect your free TOTUM (the UK's No 1 student discount card) to start getting discounts online and in stores around the country, 还能买到当地活动的打折票. 我们的俱乐部和社团也有布告栏.


我们的学生会大楼以第三空间为特色, 一个开放式的区域,你可以和你的朋友一起放松, study in a casual environment and check out what's happening around the university. 

第三空间 is home to community and society events such as Feel Good Fest, Nerdvana和Fight Night. 还有一个灵活的舞台和现场表演设置, 在那里我们招待过英国说唱歌手, 作家和活动家阿卡拉, a live broadcast of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions and a Radio 1 professional meet and greet for students to learn about the radio industry.  


Fancy a chilled environment to catch up with friends or work on a team project? 公共休息室 is situated downstairs in the Union building and features soft furnishings, 空气曲棍球, 乒乓球和桌上足球. 它还举办了几次年度活动,如学生选举Q&作为,Vintage Vera Kilo销售和更多.


There are 5 bookable rooms available in the Union building that are used for conferences, 会议, 培训, 研讨会和排练.

房间一般都是由社团预订的, 体育俱乐部, 志愿者和学生媒体团体. Individual students can book out the rooms for academic purposes by requesting in person.

了解更多 关于房间和如何预订 在工会网站上.

Gun House Green

就在联邦政府大楼外是Gun House Green, 夏季阳光明媚的户外空间.

和同学们一起坐在长椅上,享受天气, 在阴凉处打个盹, 或者在草地上野餐. 在温暖的月份,这里也是举办活动的好地方, 比如社会社会, 福利和拓展活动, 及七月开放日.





Welcome Month is your gateway into student life and the highlight is the Freshers' Fayre.

枪屋绿地上有现场DJ, 俱乐部摊位, 团体和志愿者团体(联盟有150多个), 还有折扣和赠品, 新生嘉年华是一切开始的地方. It's a great opportunity to start making your contacts and friends for life, 以及参与我们充满活力的学生社区. 

当你到达时,工会还提供免费的烧烤, 有导游的城市徒步旅游, 给我运动品尝会由体育和娱乐, 以及9月份的各种夜晚.

表示,发展 & 健康Fayres 

Whether you're a new starter in January or looking for some more fun after your festive break, our Fayre’s in January/February are a great way to get back in the uni groove.


  • 代表Fayre -想要留下遗产? 确保你的声音被听到? Come along to find out about all the wonderful ways the Union can make change for you, 有你带路!
  • 想要充分利用你在大学的时间, come and meet some of our student groups and see what opportunities are available for you develop yourself and your skills here in Portsmouth.
  • Wellness Fayre – Find out about support services available to you at Uni, 包括欧盟独立的咨询服务. Come and relax by painting a plant pot and adopting your own houseplant.


Our student groups are active in helping the local community and good causes nationwide. We run events throughout the year to spread awareness and raise funds for charities.

We've got a particular focus on helping mental health charities provide support to people when they need it most. 例如,我们的音乐协会已经筹集了资金 心理健康的滋补音乐 游戏协会举办了一些活动,收益将用于 特殊效果.


该联盟与爱斯基摩11和包括东京乔斯在内的酒吧合作, The Astoria and Popworld Portsmouth to host 紫色的星期三 – a dedicated student night every week.

You can get together with your friends, society or housemates for a top night out. 你花的一部分钱也回到了工会, so it can keep putting on bigger and better events throughout the year!


我们希望大学将是你人生中最美好的经历之一! 但如果你真的需要帮助,独立派 工会谘询服务 是来帮忙的.

他们提供免费、保密、公正和非评判性的支持. This includes providing advice and guidance on a range of academic and university issues that you may face throughout your studies.

They can help you understand the University's policies and procedures, 并支持你参加任何大学会议. Their team of trained staff and peer advisors are on hand all year round and work closely with the University to resolve issues that may arise and ensure that all students are treated fairly.


Take a closer look at more of the exciting things on offer in our amazing city.


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Portsmouth is a bustling city with the sea on our doorstep and green spaces all around.



From water sports to football and quidditch - few cities can compete with Portsmouth's sports opportunities.



想参与朴茨茅斯的音乐场景? 这是你需要开始做的.

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